I DID NOT FEEL MISLEAD AT ALL!!! Just Brakes did an excellent job with my car. They were very professional and understanding to my needs. They helped me understand the necessities for my vehicle, and i did not feel misled at all! Each employee was courteous and knowledgeable. I am very thankful for their hard work and great attitudes! Again thank you very much to Ric for his time and great work along with those who fixed my car, Joe Stratton, Guy Dingus and Elliott Metcalf. I will definitely be returning to Just Brakes for my future needs, as well as recommending it to everyone! VERY HONEST WORK!!! Just Brakes Fort Worth Texas No Complaints: -Very honest work. Allowing me to come into the garage to actually look at the parts that needed to be replaced made me feel very comfortable that the work was honest and of good quality.