Y'ALL ARE GENIES!!! Just Brakes Atlanta Georgia Online Reviews.... K. Harrison -Great Job E. Gomez -well done - complete satisfaction J. Perry -was told I didn't need brakes when another company said I did M.Sharpen -2nd time we have been here & both were outstanding S, Matzel y'all are genies in a bottle C. Garcia everyone was wonderful / give these guys a raise BEST DEAL & WARRANTY!!! So, about a year ago I had to totally replace my brakes and Just Brakes was the place I chose. I liked the straightforward help (no is your husband coming? or well, it's kind of complicated but I guess I could TRY to explain it..) and they offered the best deal and warranty. Well, since it had been a little over a year, they needed a checkup so I came back to Just Brakes!!! PS bring a book... the waiting area is very clean and stink-free!